About Us



Pertti Portin founded the business in 1986. At first, running the business was a part-time job for him, but in 1991, during the great depression in Finland, he decided to become a full-time entrepreneur. In the beginning, an old cowshed in the yard served as premises. As the business grew, new premises were built in the Honkimetsä industrial area in 2001. In the autumn of 2005, the company once known as Hydrauliikka-asennus Pertti Portin became an incorporated company and changed its’ name to PP-Hydraulics Oy. A new expanded equipment store, which is part of the global ParkerStore network, was opened in spring 2012.

PP-Hydraulics Oy installs, repairs and designs hydraulic equipment. In our ParkerStore concept store, you will find for example hydraulic hoses and fittings, piping equipment, different kinds of valves, pumps and motors, filters and lubricants.

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